Please see below for the type of commissions I have been involved with in the past and the variety of clients I have worked with.





I have been working in collaboration with the Manchester design agency Dorothy on  "Lost Destination" . A series of nostalgic prints  which take inspiration from the iconic travel posters of the first half of the 20th century.


The subjects range from Brutalist architecture to football stadiums, each building is an education for me and a joy to work on.

Two of the designs were commissioned by the

London Transport Museum, and three by the Barbican.


The new Hotel Gotham in Manchester is a refurbishment of my favourite building in the city. I am thrilled to be part of this project to turn this incredible structure into a first class Hotel.

My illustration of this Lutyens masterpiece hangs in the Hotel foyer and I have a display of local Manchester scenes outside the entrance to the Club Brass members bar.




The Bodmin and Wenford Railway contacted me to promote their new Through Ticketing, enabling travel on the heritage railway and main lines. The poster will be displayed on the Bodmin Railway and First Great Western stations. The idea was an update of the classic Great Western poster of the 1930's with the inclusion of a diesel locomotive.




The Riddles Standard engine is currently being constructed by the 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust, at Bridgnorth. It is wonderful to have been of some help to raise funds for this fantastic project, all proceeds from the poster going to the Trust.

I had day to remember in Bridgnorth inspecting the work on the engine so far and scrambling on a couple of footplates.





The Poster to Poster series of books are in my view the definitive volumes on the subject of the railway poster. I approached the author, Richard Furness, who immediately commissioned me to produce a poster which appears in volume seven of the series. Stonehenge was chosen as it was neglected by the railway companies.

Thanks to Richard including my work in his book I have since been commissioned to produce other railway related illustrations.




This is where it all began, I was determined to represent my home town in a positive light. Ilkeston has suffered the fate of many market towns over the last few decades, loss of industry and family run retail. I initially produced three posters which I presented to the local museum who commissioned me to do nine more. These images are now on sale in the museum as art prints and postcards and are a celebration of the town I grew up in.



ltm-logo Logo_Bespoke Logo_Gotham Logo_82045 poster_to_poster_logo Comms_Riddles barbican-logo Comms_Dorothy Comms_Gotham Comms_Poster Comms_Erewash logo_FGW2 Logo_Bodmin Comms_Bodmin logo_EBC Logo_Dorothy logo_thamesandhudson Comms_Weatherland

I was commissioned to illustrate the cover of the wonderful book "Weatherland" written by Alexandra Harris and published by Thames and Hudson.

It was a pleasure to work on such an enjoyable book and with the added bonus of seeing my work reprinted on large posters for the London Underground.



logo_ladybird ladybird_book

A childhood dream come true, I loved the ladybird books as a child so it was a real honour to be asked to illustrate "Super Structures"

I had visited the Ladybird exhibition in London and was thrilled to see the original artwork by all their iconic artists. Little did I know a few months later I'd get the call.


logo_a1_1 logo_a1_2 p2 logo_hornby Comms_Hornby

Another childhood dream come true, my Duchess of Hamilton illustration appeared in the Hornby Catalogue 2018. My illustration of a ScotRail HST also appeared in their 2019 Catalogue, chuffed.

logo_clanline comms_clanline

Great to work on such an iconic locomotive for the

Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society.

I was asked to incorporate the Templecombe signal box which fitted really well with it's Art Deco lines.  

I was thrilled when the A1 Locomotive Trust asked me to design and illustrate for the 10th anniversary Tornado and Prince of Wales posters.

It was a real honour to play a small part in both of these iconic projects.